AnRKey X Stakeholders Announcement • 2020-12-16


?  Hello AnRKey X Family! ❤️

✍️  This exciting stakeholder announcement and message is personally written by me, J.D. Salbego the CEO, Founder & Art director of AnRKey X. 

…not our marketing or investor relations department LOL

??  I wanted to be the one to personally share this with you! 

??  Cyberpunk Santa and AnRKey X teamed up and decided to bring Christmas early to you all! ?

Watch HERE! our new PRODUCT video showing you our Battle Wave 2323 game and NFTs! 

??  Firstly I want to express our sincere gratitude for your belief in our #AnRKeyX vision! Without investors like YOU this would not be possible!

Quick side note: Our Dao Maker Public Sale was a success with a 7 X oversubscription. The growth and positivity on our project is real! Stay tuned for announcements for that too!

❗️ALSO we just created a new AnRKey X stakeholders group so make sure you read below and join the link HERE! 


?  Now let’s open your early Xmas presents! 


? TGE + DEX Listing – Dec. 18th (time not confirmed)


? CEX Listing – Dec. 18th (time not confirmed)


? Battle Wave 2323 Beta v1.37.Human//[TestNet] Launch – Exclusively Live for you to test and see!


?The First AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain NFT Collectables Line Drop – The GenSys.X Pack


? AND…Our “AnRKey X Power Up Staking Charge Base”. Our brand new staking interface where you can earn up to 80% APY just for staking $ANRX – Around the Dec. 20th


? AND…


We are moving up ALL vesting schedules including ALL Day 1 distribution from mainnet launch and will be airdropping Day 1 Investor distributions to starting on this Friday Dec. 18th upon TGE/DEX/CEX listing. 

*** not all private sale rounds have Day 1 distribution. Please read our tokenomics again if you are unclear. Click HERE!  


? ALSO…as a benefit to our investors, we are providing you with a linear distribution of your tokens for earlier availability. 

For all private sale rounds, you will be able to claim a pro-rata distribution of your remaining tokens after Day 1 distribution, available through the AnRKey X Token Claim dashboard. 

The dashboard will be available to you soon on Your tokens will become unlocked each day, and you can claim them any time you want.


Major CEXs have ALL been excited to get the first AnRKey X listing.

?  Our immediate and consistent growth, ALL oversubscribed fundraising rounds, globally recognized expert team, and all the community investors and users waiting to trade $ANRX has exploded on the DeFi scene!

‼️ We have created an AnRKey X Stakeholders group for you all! As we have grown and expanded so fast, we want to be able to handle news, updates, stakeholder reports, outreach and address any questions you may have, all in a timely manner and this is the most efficient way.

Please JOIN HERE! or have one of your representatives join if you prefer. 

❤️ ?? I know some of your investors or yourself might be inclined to hedge some risk or a substantial amount upon listing, some might want to sell off quickly altogether. With that in mind…

I’d like to also share our technical team overview HERE! to show you the level and amount of devs and technical executives working on the product and company you invested in. It’s 25+ to be clear! We have developed basically a full MVP (this beta is over 90% of our MVP) faster than most crypto projects could ever dream of, and with a team who comes from Morgan Stanley, Pokemon, Sony, Disney, Final Fantasy, and many more Fortune 50 companies.


If you haven’t seen our GenSys.X NFT Look book please click HERE!

And our newly launched architecture webpage with detailed almost ONE FULL YEAR  roadmap click HERE!

Our marketing hype and high end Gif frenzy madness all stating about a real use case, real innovation, etc etc…is ALL true and starting this upcoming week you and the whole market will start seeing what all your hard earned money has been put to use for.



(Play Video Below!)



This project is much more than just making money for me. This is a passion and artistic fulfillment now. I am way more inclined to protect my vision and passion as it’s my lifeline and deal with the insane challenges that arise and have arisen building a DeFi project in this crazy industry as money is secondary. Many people would just give up, or not be able to consistently persevere and see through to success.

This is very long-term vision and goals for the company and I already have a 5 year plan of building this to grow market share within DeFi first, and after Q2 2021 start merging into traditional gaming market with users who are already crypto holders/enthusiasts, but looking for a game product and experience that is on the same level as the traditional games they love. To be clear, we are on that level  — as you can see with the commercialization of our product, branding, marketing and ideologies. And YOU will really see when you all get the exclusive first  look and/or testing of the Battle Wave 2323 on our  gDEX platform.

? The end all goal is an acquisition at 5 years with corporate partners we are already in talks with for long term support and relationship building into a purchase. 

⚡️ As well in January, we are raising our official equity seed round of $5M valued currently at $15M, and have already been in discussions with numerous VCs. 

?? I share all of this to express to you to stay on this journey with us for the long run as it will be magic! I have a saying at my company that WE make “miracles happen” by defying the odds to execute and accomplish objectives that most people and companies can’t accomplish or have too limited belief in the possibilities of life, when you actually believe and align your mind and actions with your intention in the quantum realm. 

We are different here, and I am a different type of leader.

⚡️ The care for detail, hyper-focus, high level of execution, and deep rooted passion my team and I have for this project is why we are winning and will continue to win and generate notable company profits and generous returns for our token holders. 

? Especially investors and users who STAY and HOLD with us on this journey and allow their tokens to grow in value. 

? We’ve only just begun and have 2 more mini games ready to go after Battle Wave 2323! 

⏰  Stay close in our AnRKey X stakeholder group, community telegram channels, and follow all our socials to receive up to date news!

?  Get ready for a VERY EARLY Christmas brought to you by AnRKey X!

?? I’m excited to have you all be a part of our journey building the future of DeFi and NFT gaming and the future of m$ports – money sports 


❤️ Yours truly,

J.D. Salbego

CEO, Founder, & Art Director of AnRKey X 

#AnRKistRevolution $ANRX


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