Update 11-17-2020

AnRKey X is working diligently on producing the best DeFi gaming product in the market. Utilizing the expertise of our well-known public team, our top tier blockchain and gaming partners, and our detailed NFT artwork and game plans, we are excited to blow everyone away with the end results, which are on schedule for Q4 2020 beta release.

Producing games takes a ton of work and our gaming and blockchain developers are coordinating and working in harmony to quickly churn out this complex project. We are grateful to our diverse and strong team that enable us to move faster than most companies could ever hope for, even as a new startup.

As most of our community our users and expert traders know, the markets have been pretty volatile lately; the altcoin market has crashed numerous times, and recent elections in the US have effected global markets (except Bitcoin of course – hope you all have some!).

We have no intention or indication of becoming like any of the numerous projects that have launched public sales, TGE CEX listings, and IEOs, only to underperform in the market. With sound judgement backed by experience, market data, and feedback from a huge network of experts in the industry, we have pushed back our public sale listing by a few weeks. This move will let us launch in a more stable market environment for the benefit of our all investors and users.

We will be releasing firm dates on our public sale, TGE, DEX/CEX listings, and our official Battle Wave 2323 game launch, so please standby and know that we are working hard behind the scenes! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us anytime in our community channels with questions and comments.

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