AnRKey X + QuickSwap Partnership

AnRKey X and QuickSwap have come together to form an exciting new partnership which adds even more utility and ways to earn with the $ANRX token. To celebrate, we’re launching an exclusive new Partnership NFT, which Battle Wave 2323 players can win by entering our two new QuickSwap Pools – opening September 15th @ 6:00PM UTC! These pools are an awesome way for our users to earn $ANRX, QUICK, and dQUICK at high APY rates.

How it Works

1.     Start by swapping any Layer 2 Polygon token into $ANRX HERE.

2.    If you don’t already have it, you can use the same swap page to get Layer 2 Polygon WETH to pair with your $ANRX for our QuickSwap LP Token Pools.

3.    Next, take your $ANRX and WETH to the $ANRX LP Token Pool page to provide liquidity.

4.   Deposit received LP tokens into the $ANRX/WETH screen under the LP Mining tab, you will start earning QUICK, everyday!

5.   To convert $QUICK to $dQUICK, claim your earned $QUICK tokens and stake in Dragon’s Lair on the same LP Mining tab — This gets you a share of ALL trading fees that QuickSwap generates.

6.   To farm $ANRX rewards, stake your $dQUICK into the $ANRX Syrup pool! — You can also select other Syrup pools to EARN other project tokens!

Partnership NFT Giveaway & Sale

As part of our Partnership with QuickSwap, we are releasing an ultra limited edition Partnership NFT both in giveaways and for sale on our OpenSea Partnerships Page. To win one of our Partnership NFTs, be one of the first 90 Battle Wave 2323 players to stake over $500 into the $ANRX Syrup Pool. Additionally, the first 90 players to stake less than $500 will receive 40M Oracle Shards (enough to immediately redeem a Level 3 Oracle Shard NFT)!

and tradable collectible NFTs!



This NFT also represents a major milestone in our NFT innovation, as it is the first NFT that integrates a beta version of our proprietary PRISM standard. The PRISM standard was created as a critical piece of the future development and growth of game development, enabling cross-platform interoperability of DeFi gaming NFTs. Common gaming stats like power level, rarity, abilities, achievements, associated functions, rewards, and more, can become cross-platform compatible by obtaining a PRISM API Key and using our NFT metadata validation and registration system to mint PRISM-Enabled NFTs.

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