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“One must face chaos to give birth to a star” - Nietzsche

Welcome to m$ports™
The Future of Competitive DeFi & WEB3.0 NFT Electronic Gaming - Money Sports


In the DeFi world of food shitcoins, anonymous scam coins and no use cases, the AnRKey X™ Ethereum based protocol was founded, conceptualized, and designed in the science lab to lead DeFi innovation forward by highly public and influential Crypto OGs with proven track records in the business — Just look at our team on Discord.

There ain’t no rug pulls by the scammer Oscar Meyer wieners and stale plastic 7-11 sushi only drunk bros eat after the bars let out at 3am.

This is real innovation, a real use case, and the REAL future of DeFi

At AnRKey X™ 3 worlds merge, all powered by our native ethereum arcade coin. We invented a brand new industry fueled by DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs with groundbreaking potential called m$ports™. And we’re proud to say that we’re the first to do this.

For DeFi reward addicted degens, competitive esports gamers, and NFT meme shillers alike.

This is where DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking meet community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs on our advanced, and yet intuitively simple and sweet UX – AnRKey X™ Ethereum-based protocol platform which we coined the term and call it — gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange). We know you like that.

Our games are both highly competitive AND highly rewarding, while still being fair and 100% transparent. 2 words we don’t hear too often in DeFi!

The future of Money Sports is here. This is “FringeChain” where memetic digital communication fueled by the player’s human emotion of the competitive drive to win, is expressed and concurrently tokenized, while obtaining unique and transferable ownership rights, then transacted in a vibrant market, and finally earning and wining our native Arcade Coin rewards.

A revolutionary innovation that’s hanging on the edge of reality. This has never been done before till right now.


The first AnRKey X™ game product – Battle Wave 2323™ is the first release in our series of highly competitive gamified DeFi and Web 3.0 NFT based money sports (m$ports™) released on our gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange). In our games we bring you a real use case to farming and liquidity mining with NFTs that represent high-end valuable game piece collectibles and memes fueled by economics of supply and demand.

While this procedure might sound similar to liquidity mining protocols, this is just one very VERY tiny piece of the puzzle – and where the real gamification and Web 3.0 NFT magic comes in.


Remember when you were a kid at the arcade making out with your sweetheart after your parents dropped you off? You couldn’t wait to finish and run inside to trade in your money for coins to play the games.

Well, let’s take a trip back in memory lane. Use our native token to play games on our gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) just like purchasing coins at an arcade.

Not only can you spend our native arcade coins to play — but you can earn and win big receiving our arcade coins back as APY and NFT rewards.


Battle Wave 2323™ is a weekly game hosted on our gDEX where the winning Battle Wave 2323™ Armies is determined by which army has the highest aggregate APY distribution of our native arcade coin for that week. The weekly winning Battle Wave 2323 Armies wins the highly rare and valuable NFTs.

Battle Wave 2323™ will gamify liquidity mining and farming by competitively pitting different armies against each other. These armies will act as pools where users can stake their Liquidity Provision (LP) tokens earned from pools on Uniswap V2.

The overarching idea is to encourage users to perform in different competing “Battle Wave 2323™” army pools, as they fight using strategic gamified NFTs and liquidity mining and farming on our gDEX to generate the most APY. Our system enables strategic and continuous exponential APY opportunities.

Gamified NFTs and liquidity mining power several of the way’s users derive value in our game ecosystem that is balanced while still being highly competitive — keeping degens like yourself coming back for more.

We have 9 Battle Wave 2323™ army channels on our AnRKey X Discord that users can join whichever army they want to be a part of to start working with their team members. Or jump into one of the competing army channels and stir up the pot! We like to call these Discord army channels the “Army Barracks” where you can regroup, communicate with team members, share ideas and content, and strategize on how to win the game ..or just brag a bit about your game winnings.


Just The Homies – A Community Driven ProtocoL

As we’re a community driven protocol, a 20% quorum is required for proposal approval to add additional pairs for new pools. If a user is interested in proposing an additional pair, this proposal can be submitted in the governance channel on Discord.

Every user can participate in our Discord channel, and voice their opinion – all across the world, and from different creeds, genders, etc. This is a democratic methodology that is fully decentralized. All one needs is an ETH wallet and they can participate.

As well, 25% of ALL gDEX transaction revenue is given back to the community. We also have a Community Incentive allocation of our native Arcade Coins available for community development and for our community game developers to create their own AnRKey X m$Ports™ gaming DaAPPs on our gDEX platform – AND like always receiving a portion of platform profits . AnRKEY X was built by the DeFI community itself – A COMMUNITY OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.


Everyone has a chance to be a whale and compete in our m$ports™ games, with Battle Wave 2323™ being the first release of many.

Steal This

BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT YOU THE USER – We took it even a step further and created an automated self-balancing fair market value system that’s transparent and safe to protect from rug pullers and whales dominating the game.

We accomplished this “never been done before” innovative system called “Automated Fair Market Economics Logic Theory”. As similar to software layers and stacks, this is founded on our core “Automated Economics Logic Models” — that then provides the foundational layer for the algorithmic parameters that underpin our gamification based on evolutionary game theory and that then birthed the next layer of derived base value in our NFTs…AND the last but not the least layer…AND with a fist held high — the anarchy principles of bitcoin’s decentralized, algorithmic-based governance.


2020 has been defined as the year of the degen – but in all seriousness it’s the year that the ability to hypothecate yield from liquidity mining.

However, there isn’t one single digital reward asset, or token, or NFT asset of any kind that conveys the beauty, the exponential growth, and the decentralization of this space, let alone that gives participants in this space a thematic access to the real growth potential of this space as a whole.

AnRKey X launches you into the future with its first release Battle Wave 2323™ that is a game that gamifies liquidity mining – effectively allowing users to show each other who is the biggest degen in this retro wave cyberpunk utopian world. If your army works together to yield farm more than the other armies, then you all benefit from each other’s interest in being the best degen there is (at least for that one week).

For doing so, we award the Rarest NFTs 2020 has seen – which can be viewed as badges of honor for the biggest degens in the space – a winner of a highly scare and valuable NFT that gives you yields that every single other degen would be jealous of – a number that only the holder of that NFT knows, and him alone.

There hasn’t been a way for users to compete with one another on yield, and then prove this “win.” And while multiple farmers claim they’ve made “thousands on yield farming,” we all know there is a bit of embellishment that truth.

This all changes with our rare NFTs – people can feasibly wear the NFTs as a badge of honor, saying “Yes, I’m the best degen out there” while simultaneously being able to glean incredibly high yields simply due to staking this NFT.

These rare NFTs, thus aren’t just key components of this game – but are the ultimate digital asset designed to be the crown jewel of the DeFi space – and the reward for being a competitive degen in the strongest degen army.


Battle Wave 2323™ is a break with the paradigm of gaming. For example, casinos while fun places to go to, to potentially make a return, they fundamentally aren’t designed for the user to win, or to keep the user’s best interests in mind.

They play on the user’s behavior that if they are losing money, they’ll keep playing to recoup losses – continuously reinforcing this “pot committed” behavior.

However, with Battle Wave 2323™, gaming is no longer throwing money at a casino and begging for a gain. Inherently, playing the game you will be rewarded for your behavior of strategic liquidity mining and staking and NFT upgrading and margin flipping. The game itself is based on unlocking a higher tier of rewards, with users competing amongst themselves to get rewards that other users simply don’t have access to if they’re not winners.

It truly is bringing the arcade back – while still making people feel like it isn’t just an arcade, rather its markets colliding, and users are collaborating on this, earning APY rewards in our native arcade coin for doing so.


The “Key” in AnRKey X™ stands for “my keys—not yours” which is the spirit of what DeFi is.

The current world we live in is a rigged system created by the top 1% elite and governments that can print trillions of dollars out of thin air, and where players or should we say “Pawns” are trained and brainwashed to act in order and believe they can win, when in fact it’s impossible because of the controlling centralized manipulating powers — that’s why we created this DeFi and Web 3.0 NFT Utopia game.

This is the basis of what AnRKey X™ stands for and where we continue on carrying the torch where Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, an anarchist himself left off. Our utopian world gives everyone the fair opportunity to play to win, and when you win here — you win big.

Our poetic DeFi juxtaposition is a world both unchained — while being on {block] chain.

We are freeing ourselves from the chains of our “masters” by putting our belief and embracing the blockchain – chains that are governed by the world, and all of us, in a fully democratic, decentralized, anonymous, and globalist manner.

We no longer need to be governed by the tools that we were born into –throwing off the shackles of the current order. In keeping with this vision, we are building the tools, materials, and wearables for this new order.

Battle Wave 2323™ is a sandbox where the laws governing this new order play out – everyone gets rewarded for being in this new world, but some fare better than others. Those that fare better get more rewards, and ultimately win Rare NFTs – the weapons of the new world. Those that lose still receive substantial rewards, continue to keep participating, and find different strategies to win next time, at every user’s disposal.

The game continues to incentivize smart thinking – like the old world, but with tools to execute upon this smart thinking, that are accessible to all.

A new world governed by all – centering around a game that rewards all.

Get ready for the release of AnRKey X™ and dive into the world of m$ports™ with infinite APY potential.

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