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AnRKey X Token ($ANRX)

$ANRX is an ERC 20 token for the AnRKey X universe of games, empowering all gamers around the world for the first time to play games and earn real money. $ANRX holders can grow the value of their rewards through social gaming and cooperation, as well as impact the governance of the ecosystem and future community decisions.

The Power of $ANRX

The $ANRX token unites Battle Wave 2323 and all other games built on the AnRKey X gDEX protocol (decentralized finance gaming platform exchange), a platform protocol that enables the first ever DeFi social gaming network.

Users can earn $ANRX when playing games in the AnRKey X ecosystem, and by selling their user generated gaming assets (NFTs) to other community gamers peer-to-peer. $ANRX holders can play games, purchase gaming NFTs, stake their $ANRX, and impact governance.


$ANRX serves as the Web3 “arcade token” within the AnRKey X ecosystem, and is utilized by users for transactions (spending and earning)

DBV Driver

$ANRX is the proxy of our derived base value model, instilling a true and accurate monetary price and yield rewards value to the economy in real-time.


$ANRX tokens allow users to impact the governance of our gDEX protocol and pivotal decisions within the economy.


$ANRX can be staked to earn rewards, gaming NFTs, gDEX protocol fee revenue sharing, and governance influence, thus decreasing the circulating supply of the token.


$ANRX incentivizes user participation via the pursuit of earnings and ownership while motivating game and NFT developers, allowing monetization of their creations.

Staking $ANRX

Staking $ANRX enables users to gain influence on the AnRKey X ecosystem. Governance voting rights power is calculated pro-rata to the amount of $ANRX staked. Voting rights grant users community approval of new proposals that impact the future of the community. $ANRX stakers share in a portion of the gDEX Protocol fee revenue. Even our NFT utilities include bonus governance rights by staking and utilizing them in games. 


Trade $ANRX

For the most cost effective and simple gaming and trading experience, we recommend all AnRKey X gamers purchase their $ANRX on QuickSwap – Polygon L2.

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