Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables Line - AnRKey X

Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables Line

The GenSys.X NFT Pack

🔥 A first look at AnRKey X’s first release of their Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables Line!


⏳ AnRKey X has been developing this for almost 4 months!


🧠 Based on AnRKey X’s proprietary Automated Economic Logic Models and Derived Base Value in-game NFT models.


🔥 Think Pokemon-meets-Magic The Gathering, merged with DeFi tokenomics!


🔬👨‍🔬 But we took it a few steps further! 🧬


🕹 🤖The card price, power level, rarity, and character stories are all entangled and directly affected by the real time derived base value economics and $ANRX Arcade Coin economy of our games.


🚀 And we even tied it to the price of $ANRX on exchanges! 🤘🏼


🔥 You grow the price value of your Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables every time you:

  • Play our games
  • Recruit friends to join your teams
  • Purchase APY boosts
  • Stake APY boosted NFTs and $ANRX
  • Win rewards
  • And trade $ANRX on exchanges!


⚛️ Since our Rarity Formulas mint more cards as our user base grows, GenSys.X is the RAREST set of cards we will EVER mint!

Gain exclusive access to participate in the “Human Testnet” platform protocol launch

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