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    AnRKey X founded the DeFi Gaming Coalition WITH INDUSTRY LEADERS

    The DGC is accelerating the convergence of DeFi & Gaming for mass adoption.

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    The Current System is Gate Kept and Broken

    Here’s how AnRKey X solves problems and helps gamers like you

    AnRKey X Game Studio

    A gateway for the gaming community to enter crypto through video games.
    It’s now easier than ever to monetize your play

    28 Unique APY Boosting NFTs

    TVL: $8 Million+

    $ANRX Rewards Earned: Over $570,000+

    APY Generated: 300,000+



    Battle Wave 2323

    Battle Wave 2323 is a social multiplayer game where users compete and earn real money and valuable NFTs in weekly prize pools. Play to Earn by collecting, staking and playing APY boosted unique digital items, building game card packs, and playing side scrolling games. Join the AnRKey X community of gamers and content creators that earn through participation in gamified decentralized financial products in a fun and simple way.

    Collect, Play & Trade Our NFT Game Cards

    Earn big with AnRKey X NFTs by building the ultimate deck to dominate the leaderboards,
    power up your play, or add to your collection and sell for money

    There’s always new powerful characters, stories and ways for you to Play to Earn


    AnRKey X was the first game studio to innovate DeFi Gaming, creating the trend in what we see today call #GameFi.
    We have been building the future of Play to Earn gaming and live since Q3 2020.
    View all the successfully completed milestones and exciting roadmap ahead.

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      Receive Early Access to Games, NFTs and News

        Receive Early Access to Games, NFTs and News